Envitel is a security company that operates internationally and provides turnkey solutions with high technological content to meet the specific needs of each client



The knowledge acquired in the development of its activity, combined with the experience of its staff and collaborating companies, have succeeded in turning Envitel into a company capable of facing any security project anywhere in the world.


In addition to strategic partnerships with manufacturers and integrators, Envitel has its own specialized human resources. Experts on the development, implementation and management of security projects with over 15 years experience.


Envitel works with leading partners to offer the most appropriate cost-efficient technologies in the fields of physical and electronic security. We study and combine last generation existing products and systems in the market or employ own developments in order to obtain the required solution.

Maintenance compromise

Where other’s work is finished, Envitel continues by the client. In any project our relationship with the client persists with a customer service oriented to maintain, improve or expand the implemented solutions.